Life in Chinese Kitchen as it is

Hello all!

I am Olga and I live in China.

China taught me a lot, mainly how to cook. If you are a beginner in the kitchen and you are in China, believe me, China will give a major kick. For some it will help to learn more, other will resent the very idea of cooking here.

Doesn’t matter where you live in China, you will face the main obstacle – her majesty KITCHEN. Kitchens are generally small and are not adopted for what we call western cooking. You can rarely find any working surface or space at all to fit all your gadgets.
Obstacle number two – stove. Generally kitchens here have stoves with two gas hubs. Burners are big and deep to well accommodate cooking in wok. Not many of my Chinese friends cook, and when they cook – they cook in wok.
Obstacle number three – NO OVENS!!!! to me, that was an epic disaster….
Obstacle number four – GROCERIES!!! When stepping in Chinese supermarket you can barely find anything your eye is used to or, sometimes, even the equivalent of it… Though, with Chinese rapid development and taobao (will tell you about it later) you can get it all… Sometimes for more money, sometimes spending a lot of time finding what you need, but you have the chance to get what you want… Just need to know where to look for it.

I am starting this blog with the hope to get more organized, share my passion for cooking and baking and, hopefully, help other beginners to feel relaxed in their own daily cooking!